Post-this Post-that Radio on Mon 1/16/17

Special show celebrating DR. Martin Luther KIng, Jr. featuring spoken words and music. Audio of these speeches are in the public domain and can be easily found on the interweb.

Artist Title Album Label Local
Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice Spirits Rejoice Esp Disk
John Lewis 2012 DNC Speech
Xylouris White Suburb Goats Other Music
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech in NYC, 1962, Commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation New York State Museum
John Coltrane Song of Praise One down One up Impulse
? Black Star Line (1924) Library of Congress
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Long lost speech (Sept 12, 1962) Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
Mary Lattimore Quiet at Night At the dam Ghostly
Eleanor Roosevelt UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948) UN Audio Visual Library on-line
Mary Lattimore Otis walks into the woods At the dam Ghostly
Steve Gunn Atmosphere Way out weather Paradise of Bachelors
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. How long, Not long ( Recorded in Montgomery, Alabama
Arial M Dazed and Awake Arial M Drag City
Coro Popular Jabalon Ay Carmela Canciones de la Guerra Civil
Marisa Anderson Mesquite Shade Mercury Mississippi
Natalie and Lloyd Maines clip of Not ready to Make Nice Recorded in front of Texas State Capitol in 2013
Chico Buarque Samba D'Orly O Sambista
Woody Guthrie I ain't got no home Dust Bowl Ballads (1940)
Miles Davies Solea Sketches of Spain
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Other America (1967) Speech given at Stanford University
Flying Saucer Attack Oceans Distance VHF
Isotope 217 Kryptonite smokes the red line The unstable molecule Thrill Jockey
Billy Strayhorn Half way to down
Xylouris White Psarandonis Syrio Goats Other Music
Charles Mingus Original Faubus Fables

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