Cinematic Jams on Thu 2/9/17

Jammin up some jams from cinema.

Artist Title Album
Ennio Morricone Deep Down Danger Diabolik
Danny Elfman Irving Montage American Hustle
Thomas Newman Chez Olaf A Series of Unfortunate Events
Stephen Sondheim Last Midnight - Instrumental Into The Woods
Hans Zimmer Discombobulate Sherlock Holmes
Alexandre Desplat Mr. Moustafa The Grand Budapest Hotel
Dario Marianelli The Leafy Galleon Kubo and the Two Strings
Joe Hisaishi Merry Go-Round of Life Howl's Moving Castle
Mark Korven What Went We The Witch
Yann Tiersen Le valse d'Amelie Amelie
Hans Zimmer Earth Gladiator
Bear McCreary Michelle 10 Cloverfield Lane
Ryan Miller First Car Chase Safety Not Guaranteed
Howard Shore Delivering the News Spotlight
Alan Silvestri Where Heaven Ends Forrest Gump
Arcade Fire Morning Talk / Supersymmetry Her

Cinematic Jams

Friday 12-2pm
Friday 11am-1pm
Thursday 11am-1pm
Playing songs composed for, featured in, and inspired by film.