Free Format / Non Commercial on Wed 2/15/17

Post Valentine's Day Playlist

Artist Title Album New Local
Palberta Why Didn't I?
Banned Books Armor
Hella Been A Long Time Cousin
Brandon Can't Dance Smoke & Drive Around
Mahatma X This Is Not a Sheet
Wiley Laptop (feat. Manga)
DJ Firmeza Tungada Rija
Nah Fuck You Too
Beak> Wulfstan II
Lovechild Oh, Love
Bad Breeding A Cross
Sumerlands Spiral Infinite
Sleep The Clarity
RP BOO What Am I?
Wiley Birds and Bears
Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force Yermande (Kick and bass mix)
Lung Dart Healthy Functioning Tissue
Mannequin Pussy Anything
11PARANOIAS At the Curus
Child Bite Beyond the Dirt
Dirty Beaches Landscape in the Mist

Free Format / Non Commercial

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