Post-this Post-that Radio on Mon 2/20/17

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Moon Duo Cross town fade Occult Architecture V 1 Sacred Bones
Magazine Because you're frightened Correct use of Soap Virgin
Delta 5 Mind your own business Singles and Sessions (1979-1981) Kill Rock Stars
Trad, Gras och Stenar Frihetsdans I D-Moll
Tinariwen Elwan
Velha guarda da Portela Quantas Lagrimas Portela, passada da Gloria
Crystalline Forces The Sparrow One Man Cult
Salad Boys 1844 7"
Dream Syndicate Tell me when it's over Days of Wine and Roses
Stereolab Neon beanbag
Sparrow Steeple Shrimp rolls to go II Richie
Purling Hiss (solo) LIVE IN STUDIO nope
Amanaz Africa

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