Gallimaufry on Mon 2/20/17

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Regrettes Hey Now FEEL YOUR FEELINGS FOOL! (EXPLICIT) Warner Bros.
White Reaper JUDY FRENCH (SINGLE) The World's Best American Band Polyvinyl Records
Julee Cruise Rockin' Back Inside My Heart FLOATING INTO THE NIGHT 143/Warner Bros.
The Junipers Esmeranda RED BOUQUET FAIR The Junipers
Psychic Ills I Don't Mind INNER JOURNEY OUT Sacred Bones Records
Ofege Whizzy Llabo TRY AND LOVE Ivory Music Ltd
Fake Surfers Cheap Meat CHEAP MEAT (EP) X! Records
Shudder to Think Chocolate Funeral at the Movies Dischord
Happy Accident Market East Soft Opening 10 GeV
The A-Bones Go Go Go For Louie's Place THE LIFE OF RILEY Norton Records
Lucy Dacus Troublemaker Doppelganger NO BURDEN Matador
Wussy Maglite BUCKEYE Damnably
Kikagaku Moyo Dune HOUSE IN THE TALL GRASS Guruguru Brain


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