Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 3/8/17

Evil Sword play live in the studio and stick around to pick some tunes

Artist Title Album New Local
Troupe Majidi Afriquiya Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna
Swimming in Bengal Garden of Idle Hands Apricot Haze
Writhing Squares Lava Suit In the Void Above
Sunwatchers Moonchanges Sunwatchers
The Raincoats Fairytale in the Supermarket Raincoats
Halloween Tres DQ Code Red
Princess Buildings Princess
Mindflayer dust often Old Tyme Lemonade
Crash Worship pyru! 7"
Bromp Treb Pulled Punch, Dribbled Concession Themes
Morricone Youth Driveway to the Cemetery Night of the Living Dead
The Residents The Booker Tease Duck Stab!
Joe Meek Telstar Songs in the Key of Z
David Bowie Scary Monsters and Super Creeps Scary Monsters
Executive Slacks The Bus The Bus
Men's Recovery Project You Pay Attention to Me, Not Vice Versa Botanica Mysteria
Buck Gooter Stainless Steel Mirrors Music is Everything
Mika Miko Turkey Barnyard Mix We Be Xuxa
Stinking Lizaveta Witches and Pigs Journey to the Underworld
Horse Lords Encounter II Interventions
John Cale Wall Vintage Violence
Tabuh Kreasi Baru Grehing Kaulu Best of Gamelan Bali
Lucky Dragons Typical Hippies Dream Island Laughing Language
Arrington De Dionyso & San(s) Kazakgsacar Solo Slowly Digging Out Tired Minds Improvised
Rodion G.A. Caravane The Lost Tapes
Tyvek Girl on a Bicycle Origin of What

Sonic Rendezvous

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