Flaming Arrow on Tue 3/7/17

Artist Title Album New Local
The Intended Hugenots
The Intended the ineffable
Mark Feehan/MFII Papillion
Mark Feehan der er konig
New Candys as Medicine Aphrodite in Leather
Olivia Tremor Control I have been floated
Kalamata Me
Slumber Calling all cars
Olivia Tremor Control Another set of bees in the museum
Lenola Go destruct your own
New Candys as Medicine Bones on fire
13th floor elevators Your gonna miss me
All Them Witches Don't bring me coffee
Little Barrie Don't call Saul
The dealers Rice wine emo
Betty Black Dandelion
Crystal fairy drugs on the bus
Lee van Cleef heckle yuppies
MC5 motor city is burning
New Candys as Medicine endless deadline
Emily Wells In the hot
Space slug Orsirus
Chassit key and bone
Chassit Ursa Machine
Tyvek Underwater
Emily Wells Antidote
Emily Wells Symphony 1
Leather Hyman Ojos Amarillo

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.