Post-this Post-that Radio on Mon 4/3/17

Artist Title Album Label New Local
John Coltrane India The Best of...
John Lurie The lampposts are mine V/A It's a Crammed Crammed World Crammed
Peter Gordon Waiting for the Dawn V/A New Music From Antarctica 1981
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band Anthem II The Rarity of Experience
Stickmen Duraflame Dog V/A I'd Rather be in philadelphia Burn Potential
Triffids MGM V/A Beyond the Souther Cross Ink
Tactics National Health V/A Beyond the Southern Cross Ink
Scrawl Clock Song V/A International Pop Underground K
Soft Boys Song No. 4 V/A Between Today and Tomorrow Midnight Music
Weather Prophets Worm in my brain V/A I love the smell of napalm Creation
The Fanatics I will not be lonely V/A Acid Visions Vol 2 Voxx
The Gories Give me love V/A It came from the garage Vol 2 Wanghead
Psychic Tv Baby's Gone Away V/A Gunfire and Pianos
Bardo Pond Out of Reach Under the Pines Fire
Moon Duo Death Set Occult Architecture Sacred Bones
Mt. Vengeance Song 1 CDEP Bot on label
The Fall US 80s and 90s LIVE V/A Head Over Ears Debris
GOD My Pal V/A
Heron Oblivion Beneath Fields Heron Oblivion Sub Pop
Six Organs of Admittance Taken by ascent Drag City
Mad Scene Cupid 2 V/A New Zealand Underground 2010-2015 Vol 2
Writhing Squares Unknown Drone In the void above Siltbreeze

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