Flaming Arrow on Tue 4/11/17

Artist Title Album New
Emily Wells Pack of nobodies
Various Volumes Track 1
Lothar and the Hand people Machines
Lothar and the Hand people Today is only yesterdays tomorrow
Leopold and his Fiction It's how I feel
The Feelies Stay the course
Sir Richard Bishop Barbary
Moon Duo Cult of Moloch
Mountains Map table
Novella Seize the Sun
Church of the cosmic skull Mountain Heart
New Candys as Medicine Endless deadline
Moon Duo the death set
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Neccessary Evil
Orwells Black francis
Moon Duo White Rose
Crystal Fairy Secret Agent Rat
Heavy Traffic Rule of 9's
New Candys as Medicine Aphrodite in leather
Heavy traffic medicated bed
Leopold and his Fiction who am I
heavy temple in the court of the bastard king
Lothar and the Hand people space hymn
pick a piper flood of my eyes
sleepy sun new age

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.