Open air on Tue 4/11/17

7-8pm Special for Kirby's On-Air Test!

Artist Title Album New
Lee Morgan In Search of a New Land In Search of a New Land
Blanck Mass John Doe's Carnival of Error World Eater
Thinking Fellows Union local 282 My Pal the Tortoise Strangers From the Universe
Blank Square Bangers Animal
Good Throb Acid House Fuck Off
Sleadford Mods B.H.S. English Tapas
John Bender 36A2 I Don't Remember Now/I Don't Want to Talk About It
Adult Enter the Fray Detroit House Guests
Peter Silberman Impermanence Impermanence
Brokeback Ursula Illinois River Blues
Bulbous Creation End of the Page Bulbous Creation
Human Expression Optical Sound Love at a Psychedelic Veloctiy
The Bob Seger System White Wall S/T
The Deviants Billy the Monster S/T

Open air

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