Post-this Post-that Radio on Mon 4/24/17

CHris Schmidt in the house!

Artist Title Album Label
100 Flowers dyslexia mop dub 7" Happy Squid
The Go Betweens Ineed two heads 7" Postcard
Visitors Electric Heat 7" Deep Cuts
Fancy Rosy Punk Police 7" Ariola
The Jangletties Happy all The Time 7" Eskimo
Velvet Underground Some Kinda Love coset mix 7" Verve
Verlaines Death and the Maide 7" Flying Nun
The Feelies Fa Ce La 7" Rough Trade
Gods Gift Discipline 7" New Hormones
Blue Orchids The Flood 7" Rough Trade
Diagram Bros Bricks 7" New Hormones
Manchester Mekon No forgetting 7" New Market
The Colors out of Time Rock Section 7" Monsters in Orbit
The Fall Various Times 7" Rough Trade
The rentals Gertrude Stein 7" Rent
Head Cheese Jungle Jam 7" Burn Potential
Metropak youre a Rebel 7" self
Orange Juice Blue Boy 7" postcard
The Particles Remington rand Advanced colouring 7" self
Furious Apples Belladonna 7" Sonar
Television Personalities and Dont the Kids Just Love it Three wishes 7" Wham!
Husker Du In a Free Land 7" Reflex
EF Band Devils Eye 7" Red Ball
Sic Kidz Frenzy 7" BTCP
Terminals Deadly Tango 7" xpressway
John Byrd Band with Alex Chilton Friend at a very good time 7" Power Play
Destroy All Monsters Assanation photograph 7' Black Hole
Sky Saxon In Love with Life 7" Expression
Pewter Pals Shame Shame on Jane 7" Manhattan
Punch Death Heads 7" Raftis

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