Idle Noise on Wed 5/17/17

Background: Angelo Badalamenti: Dance of the Dream Man: Twin Peaks Soundtrack
CPSHO: Sonic Youth: Youth Against Fascism: Dirty

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Sun Ra and his Arkestra Moonshots across the Sky Thunder of the Gods Modern Harmonic
Deux Filles Drinking at a Stream Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness Dark Entries
Che Shizu I Can't Promise I Can't Promise Alchemy
Sonic Youth Youth Against Fascism Dirty DGC Records
Aye Nako Sissy Silver Haze Don Giovanni
Suicide Commandos Boogie's Coldest Acre Time Bomb Twintone
Purling Hiss Follow You Around High Bias Drag City
Ty Segall Thank You Mr. K Ty Segall Drag City
The Raincoats Fairytale in the Supermarket The Raincoats Rough Trade
Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band Rarity of Experience pt. 1 The Rarity of Experience No Quarter
The Dream Syndicate When You Smile The Days of Wine and Roses Slash
The Simple Pleasure Universal Appeal VHS Mixes
Bush Tetras Dum Dum Boom in the Night Roir
POW! The Razor Crack An Egg
R Ring Cutter Ignite The Rest
Brokeback The Strollers' Memorial Illinois River Valley Blues
Fight Fuck or Dance Pakistan
Viletones Danger Boy Look Back In Anger ep
The Secrets Teenage Rampage Success Without College
Thee Immaculate Hearts Dead Museum
ST 37 Just You
Blaha Lonely Misletoe
Mermaidens Lizard
Purple Pilgrims Drink The Juice
Carb on Carb Not Cute Anymore
Wild At Heart Blind Mirror Demo
Bush Tetras Punch Drunk Tetrafied
Mt Vengence Slaughter The Wolves
Autistic Behavior Blind Silence Shattered Cattle

Idle Noise

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Noisy pop tunes, mellow to firm, according to age, middle-aged or semicurado rich and creamy, some bordering avant garde, with a proliferation of tiny holes, old school punk, intensely nutty with full aroma to sharp, salty, buttery and fruity.
Avant Garde