Kombucha Mother on Thu 5/18/17

another day another nickle

Artist Title Album New
Ravyn Lenae Sleep Talking Moon Shoes EP
Alex Napping Heart Swells 2.0 Mise En Place
Elliot Moss Dolly Zoom Boomerang
Rubblebucket Donna Donna
Abhi//Dijon We're Alone Montana - EP
Jamie Isaac Find the Words Couch Baby
Lady Wray Guilty Queen Alone
Dirty Projectors Work Together Dirty Projectors
Burns Twins Perspective (Interlude) Sweet Asl.
The Daktaris Daktari Walk Soul Explosion
Jamila Woods Blk Girl Soldier Blk Girl Soldier
Hawk House A Handshake For Your Brain (Experiment 1) A Handshake To The Brain
Remy Kay Faint & Fickle In The Mourning
Eric Lau Circles Examples
Connie Constance Stars In the Grass
Yellow Days Intro Harmless Melodies
Soft Glas Monument Monument
Alxndr London April April

Kombucha Mother

This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 3-4pm
A little fizzy and full of probiotics. Dance through a field of flowers with Abby as she plays some groovin tunes from across the land. Get ready for that good lovin, hip-bumpin, pick-me-up that'll keep you going all week! It may taste a little funny, but I swear it's good for you (❁ ⌒ ³ ⌒❁) ☆*✲゚*
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