Aging Anarchist's Radio Program on Thu 5/18/17

Artist Title Album New
Loop Burning World The World in Your Eyes
Fight, Fuck or Dance Pakistan Incredible Sound Show Stories comp
Immaculate Hearts 50 50 Grind 7"
Viletones Never Feel Sad Taste of Honey
Northern Liberties Conspiracy of Spirit Errant Ray
Fear Let's Have a War The Record
The Secrets Teenage Rampage Teenage Rampage
Mutoid Man Kiss of Death War Moans
Psychic Teens Out2C Hex
Vaguess OG1 Guilt Ring
Pharmakon Nakedness of Need Contact
Bush Tetras Rituals Rituals EP
The Flying Lizards Mandalay Song st
Sujo Lehi A Deeper Curse
Do Make Say Think Horripilation Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Love Captive Finding Me Finding You
Love You Set the Scene Forever Changes
Soundgarden Hand of God Screaming Life EP
Monster Magnet Nod Scene Spine of God
Hawkwind Into the Woods Into the Woods
Heavy Temple Ursa Major Chassit
Endless Boogie Bishops at Large Vibe Killer
Demen Niorum Nektyr

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