Alt Things Considered on Fri 5/19/17

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Artist Title Album New
Solid Space New Statue ( "Morning Song") Space Museum
Bush Tetras Stand Up and Fight Boom in the Night
Swell Maps Helicopter Spies Jane from Occupied Europe
Suburban Lawns Baby Baby
Broken Social Scene World Sick Forgiveness Rock Record
Alex Napping Get Used to It Mise en Place
The Dream Eaters We Are a Curse We Are a Curse
Land of Talk Quarry Hymns Cloak and Cipher
Laser Background Climb the Hill Dark Nuclear Bogs
Varsity Fall Back on the Arrow You Love Varsity
Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else Breezy Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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All Things Considered is the most listened-to, afternoon drive-time, news radio program in the country." This will be a lot like that, only without the news or the listeners.