Open air covered by yoni191 on Mon 6/5/17

Artist Title Album Local
Lugubrious Children The Speed + Unholy Joff + Alone Time Lugubrious 7"
Sievehead Chains Buried Beneath
The Flex The Heard
Human Certainty Number Eleven Abjection
Blank Spell Nervous Language Miasma
Persplex Flesh Eight Legged Dreams Ordered Image
Hex Chakra Demo 2016
Skiplickers Worthless Society Mindfucked EP
Nachthexen Drunk Lads Nachthexen 7"
Flag of Democracy Valedictorian Flag of Democracy split with The Dead Milkmen
Total Fucking Destruction Kill The Jocks and Eat Their Brains Compact Disc Version 1.0
The Afternoon Gentlemen War on the Poor S/T LP
Backslider Swollen and Sore Motherfucker
Famine Grogan's Bonce
Ona Snop Double Hard Big Bastard Daddy Dog
Night Raids Reptile Ascension Servents of the Scablord
Dry Heaves Medicated Youth Medicated Youth
Community Mushy Peas S/T 7"
Whipping Post Open Your Eyes Taste the Whip
Clean Shirts Smart Casual Create Hate
Y-Di Mad At The World Demos
S-21 Year Zero Year Zero
Lugubrious Children Consumed, Short Lived, The Tears of a Clone Split 5" with Endless Swarm

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