Aging Anarchist's Radio Program on Thu 6/15/17

Artist Title Album New
The Dandy Warhols Godless/Mohammed Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
The Sonic Dawn Emily Lemon Into the Long Night
Hoops Sun's Out Routines
Bongwater The Porpoise Song 7"
David E. Williams A Prostrate in Autumn Hospice Chorale
Caracoa Beasts Darkness Is Real
Alessandro Cortini & Merzbow AAMC st
Fizzarum Multividum Frisson
Lamina Cold Blood Lilith
White Shag Get the Feelin st
Dion Lunadon Com/Broke st
Sonic Youth Silver Rocket Riot in Melbourne
Moon Coven The Third Eye st
The Jesus and Mary Chain War on Peace Damage and Joy
The Stargazer Lilies A Beautiful Space Door to the Sun
Endless Boogie High Drag, Hard Doin' Vibe Killer
Nooumena Bamboozled Controlled Freaks
The Jam Batman Theme In the City
The Improbables Scorched Earth Object to Be Destroyed
Brother JT Warm's the New Cool Indoor Sunshine
Sleep Party People Figures Lingering
Can She Brings the Rain The Singles
Oceanic Damavand Trappist
Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Love Captive Finding Me Finding You
Chihei Hatakeyama In the Quiet River Mirage
Miriodor Transit de Nuit Jakarta Signal 9
Toxic Reasons Ghost Town Independence

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