Snack Time on Fri 6/16/17

Louis Futon Interview:

Artist Title Album Label Local
Louis Futon Surreal ft. RKCB
Ramzoid The Sound Universe EP
Hazey Eyes Our Story Goodbye EP
Soulecist 1-800-273-8255
Dayo Ether
Louis Futon Silk (Kill Paris remix) Louis Futon EP
acaer Drunk Jadu Dala x Sola Jadu Dala x Sola
AIRWAV Origami Vivid EP
ODESZA Corners of the Earth ft. RY X A Moment Apart EP
LO Cruisin' (Flybear remix)
Sinceres Love U - Title Theme Loved Ones
Mimikyu Run Up
Instupendo Play Palette Friend of a Friend EP
Paulie Once Familiar
Sadkey Promposal (Tesmone flip)
Frank Ocean Solo (Louis Futon flip)
Floret Loret Lavendar and Hydrangeas
Blind Prism Find What You're looking For
CHVCK SVTT0N How it Felt Tripolar EP
Stripes Tell Me
Chromonicci. Innocence
Roy. Valentine March 11th
Antyx See You
Milan Oppa Anxiety - Issue 9 Phuture Collective

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