Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 6/28/17

Artist Title Album New Local
CFM Desaturated Dichotomy Desaturated
Syd Barrett No Good Trying The Madcap Laughs
Alastair Gailbraith This Hard/Star Rivulets EP
Jonathan Halper Leaving My Old Life Behind Puce Moment
H. Hawkline Salt Cleans I Romanticize
Can Shikako Maru Ten The Singles
Cymande Bra Cymande
Notekillers Roll Over Stockhousen NoteKillers: 1977-1981
The Shaggs My Pal Foot Foot Philosophy of the World
Lightning Bolt Over the River and Through the Woods Fantasy Empire
John Zorn Music Of The Flesh The Garden Of Earthly Delights
Stinking Lizaveta Sharp Stick in the Eye Journey to the Underworld
Wolf Eyes Empty Island Undertow
R. Ring Cutter Ignite the Rest
Breeders Safari Safari EP
Scarcity of Tanks Death Fast No Endowments
B Boys Time Dada
Derek Hall & Mike Cooper Paul's Song Out of the Shades EP
Baird Sisters Towpath Drill Until You Find Your Green
GooGoosh Talagh Pol
Marika Papagika Smyrneiko Minore Ta Paidia Tis Geitonias Sou
Robbie Basho Mountain Man's Farewell Guitar Soli
Wasnt Wisnt Junk Art Cinema Steel Cut
Mamman Sani Arman Doley Unreleased Tapes 1981​-​1984

Sonic Rendezvous

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Old tunes and new noises from around the world.
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