Indiecent on Thu 6/29/17

First show this summer term... I'd rather be outside, but I guess this is pretty decent, I mean indiecent

Artist Title Album New
White Reaper Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper Does It Again
Hala What Is Love? Tell Me, Is It Easy? Spoonfed
Beach Fossils Down the Line Somersault
Alexander F Swimmers Alexander F
The Ruminaters How Can I I Used to Hate the Ruminaters, Now I Like Them
Laser Background Hymnals Dark Nuclear Bogs
Night Drive Easy to Lie Night Drive
Islands Rough Gem Return to the Sea
Mike Krol Fifteen Minutes I Hate Jazz
The Drums Mirror Abysmal Thoughts
King Tuff Headbanger Black Moon Spell
B Boys Walking Dada
Fin Treehouse Salt
The Parson Red Heads Waiting for the Call Blurred Harmony
Shintaro Sakamoto Don't Know What's Normal Don't Know What's Normal
Max Gardener Tongue Action Memory Lounge
Lunch Ladies Bumming Too Much Down on Sunset Strip
Big Thief Shark Smile Capacity


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