Snack Time on Fri 6/30/17

Night Swim Radio guest mix:

Artist Title Album Label
----- Night Swim Radio ----- ----- Guest Mix -----
Rob Araujo Drive By
Kayloo Port Doree
Wuan x bc.einstein boleta
Kolaz Feel Good
Sunson Encosta
rasiir exodus ft. Prototyp3 [forthcoming] Night Swim Records
Emerld Cashews
Ooze Late Night Interlude
Pold From Nine2Five ft. Pablo Queu
mindbody&beats favela w/ HILLS
Gelapi YAH ft. Milan + Capshun [forthcoming] Night Swim Records
irogami faces
Naji Mona Lisa (Cartel remix)
Sofasound Martyr
yeonsue 2000% thought of you while making this
DMNDSTR Summertime Swing
rasiir Edo Tensei [unreleased]
Vience Girl
Miyagi Ur Pink Palace
Boy Jugo Queen
Prototyp3 Lushville
Kilamanzego whirlwind [forthcoming] Night Swim Records
Sofasound Differentstuff [forthcoming] Night Swim Records

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