Awkward Car Ride on Fri 7/21/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Wire 23 Years Too Late Read & Burn 03
Neu! Hero Neu! 75
Big Black Jordan, Minnesota Pig Pile
Pigface Bushmaster Bushmaster Remix Gub
Pailhead I Will Refuse Trait
Jello Biafra with The Melvins Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything) Sieg Howdy!
The Melvins Youth of America (The Wipers cover) Electroretard
Heavy Medical No Brainer Threats E.P.
Ink & Dagger Actress Encapcilated
Blowdryer Deprogrammed Deprogrammed
Louie Louie I Want to Dance with You Friend of a Stranger
Cayetana Mesa New Kind of Normal
Waxahatchee Silver Out in the Storm
Tall Friend Small Space Safely Nobody's
Alvvays In Undertow Antisocialites
Jeffery Lewis Big A, Little A (Crass Cover) 12 Crass Songs
Discount Clap and Cough Half Fiction
Pretty Girls Make Graves A Certain Cemetery The New Romance
Egg Hunt We All Fall Down Egg Hunt 7"
Big Boys Fun Fun Fun The Fat Elvis
Dicks Dicks Hate the Police 1980-1986
Poison Idea The Badge Feel the Darkness
Circle Jerks Deny Everything Group Sex
Dead Milkmen Only the Dead Get Off at Kymlinge Welcome to the End of the World
Angry Samoans Time Has Come Today Back From Samoa
Agent Orange Bloodstains Living In Darkness
Alice Donut The Son Of A Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking Lot Of A Winn Dixie Listening To Metallica The Untidy Suicides of your Degenerate Children
GG Allin Look Into My and Hate Me Look Into My and Hate Me
Catharsis Into the Eyeless Sockets of the Night Passion
Born Against My Favorite Housing Project The Rebel Sound of Shit & Failure
Cream Abdul Babar Empire of the Dead The Catalyst to Ruins
Death Grips Beware Ex-Military
Deadguy Pins and Needles Fixation On A Coworker
End of the Century Party Isn't it perfectly fucking delightful to be so goddamn certain Discography 1993-1999
Pussy Galore Yu Gung Sugarshit Sharp
Buck Gooter Music is Everything Stainless Steel Mirrors
Rye Coalition One Daughter Hotter Than One Thousand Suns On Top
Ruin... Famous Blue Raincoat He-Ho/Fiat Lux

Awkward Car Ride

Charles III
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Friday 11am-2pm
It's like being stuck in a car on the first date for 3 hours. The conversation isn't going great. Everything in the universe is slowly spiraling out of control. You're staring out the passenger side window. I have nothing to say as clearly as I can think it. Silence. The music tells you more about me than I ever will. And not all of its good.