Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 7/26/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Yardbirds Over, Under, Sideways, Down Yardbirds
Axis: Sova Afflicted Taste Early Surf
Alkibar Gignor Djougal Nangho La Paix
Spacin' Chest of Steel Deep Thuds
David Nance Silver Wings Negative Boogie
Crazy Horse Dance, Dance, Dance Crazy Horse
Derek Hall & Mike Cooper Skillet EP reissue
Uncle Dave Macon The Wreck Of The Tennessee Gravy Train Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
Hoyt "Floyd" Ming And His Pep-Steppers Indian War Whoop Anthology of American Folk Music
John Trudell Rich Man's War Aka Grafitti Man
Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band Air Male (Tone deaf jam) Fly
Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski Fifth: excerpt Live, NYC
Taiwan Housing Project D'Arc Eruptions Veblen Death Mask
Writhing Squares I Can't Fall off a Mountain In the Void Above
Hex 9 Gulls Dial Hex 9
Richard Hell/Dim Stars Dim Star Theme Spurts
Thurston Moore Aphrodite Rock n Roll Consciousness
Royal Trux Sun On The Run Royal Trux
Mountain Movers Everyone Cares Mountain Movers
Mordecai Staring at the Sun Abstract Recipe
Sex Tide Come-hither Sex Tide
Hothead Inner Loop Hothead

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