Aging Anarchist's Radio Program on Thu 8/3/17

Artist Title Album New
Farflung The Retreat 5
King Black Acid Twin Flames Twin Flames EP
Verve Feel She's a Superstar EP
See Through Dresses Light in August Horse of the Other World
Squintaloo Kara Buran Uber Bord!
Mad Daddys Stoned for the Rest of My Life Apes Go Wild
Mt Vengeance Slaughter the Wolves EP
LSD and the Search for God Backwards EP
Stinking Lizaveta Witches and Pigs Journey to the Underworld
Holy Bouncer Anticipation Hippie Girl Lover
Celldweller Offworld Offworld
Marcia Bassett, Samara Lubelski Day of the Teutoberg Forest (excerpt) Live, NYC
Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Love Captive Finding Me Finding You
Stereolab Motoroller Scalatron Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Mouse on Mars Wipe That Sound Radical Connector
Julian Jasper 2 AM, Chinatown 2AM, Chinatown/I Don't Mind EP
EMA Breathalyzer Exile in the Outer Ring
Curve Think & Act Doppleganger
Jonas Reinhardt/Jurgen Muller Kushite Kings The Encyclopedia of Civilization Vol 1
White Poppy Love Molecules The Pink Haze of Love
Melvins Your Blessened Bullhead EP
Gibbous Moon Ayadda EP
MC5 Future/Now High Time

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