Snack Time on Fri 8/25/17

Yitaku Guest Mix:

Artist Title Album Label
----- Cynabel ----- ----- Show Mix -----
Oliver Chemicals ft. MNDR Full Circle Interscope Records
Mëtsa Her The Flowers In Our Hears EP
Flamingosis Soul Crusade ft. Englewood A Groovy Thing
VESHZA Poly 37
Maya Jane Coles Darkside ft. Chelou
Zephire Desperation Wind Tricks EP Night Owl Collective
Akacia x Alex Lustig Show Me
Luupy Paper Airplane Horror Story
Goldroom Spread Love (Jetique remix)
Nero The Thrill (Porter Robinson remix)
Luupy Origami Horror Story
Ike Pretend
Opalescent Forming Parties SugarPop
Mëtsa Hues ft. Sophie Kloor The Flowers in our Hearts EP
Tennyson x Mr. Carmack Tuesday Red Bull Select
Flamingosis Flute Salad A Groovy Thing
Verzache Conscious
Zephire Hawaii Wind Tricks EP Night Owl Collective
Nomak What About Us Filet Mignon 4
Fossa Beats Goals (Dugong jr remix)
----- yitaku ----- ----- Guest Mix -----
Valentine x 4AM Us ft. Naji (yitaku x Xavi remix) Moving Castle
Jameson Hodge Sweet Lies ft. MIRAGES
maxd x Adam Tell Sleepy
yitaku ID
Hanz Monday
yitaku Forgive & Forget ft. Ivy Hollivana
Rihanna Sex With Me (uth Fruit remix)
Grant Bowtie Reach
k?d Discover ft. RKCB (yitaku remix)
Travis Scott Upper Echelon (Next to Blue rework)
yitaku x Madnap ID
JKuch Today
Jeto Peachy
Robotaki Monkey Bars ft. Claire Ridgely
yitaku Tears ft. Little Shadows
The Chainsmokers All We Know ft. Phoebe Ryan (Virtual Riot remix)
yitaku ID

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