'Haha cool, thanks' with dj sportygalxD and dj never going to graduate on Sun 8/27/17

Artist Title Album New
Chris Stamey Excitement Excitement
Kate Bush Suspended in Gaffa The Dreaming
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland 2 Black is Beautiful
Pharaoh Sanders Japan Tauhid
Marcy Jo Take a Word
Magnetix Living in a Box Live in San Franscisco
White Fence Swagger Vets and Double Moon Live in San Franscisco
Toner Raspberry Wound Killing Pace
Gazm No Escape Dirty Beach
Chain and the Gang Death Confession Best of Crime Rock
Western Civ Fun Ladies in White Horrendous New Wave
Flacidos Lunes Paranoia Sombras: Spanish Post-Punk + Dark Pop 1981-1984
Swim Team Recourse Freedom Constraint
Red Sea Grape Yardstick for Human Intelligence
Milk Music Mystic 100s Mystic 100s
Deerhoof We Do Parties Breakup Song: Flexi Book
Guerilla Toss Dog in the Mirror G.T. Ultra
Buster Plastic Tuba In My Backpack
Warm Bodies Charmer My Burning Love
Kicking Giant Wire Alien I.D.
Damaged Bug No One Noticed the Fly Bunker Funk
Preening Beeters Beeters
Preening Big Big Brain Beeters
Damaged Bug Gimme Tamanathum Bunker Funk
Alex Cameron Internet Jumping the Shark
Sands Aids Big Nothing Sands Aids/Country Split
The Sundays Here's Where the Story Ends Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic
Liquids Hurt My Feelin' Liquids E.P.
Liquids Take the Bait Liquids E.P.
Blue Smiley Warm Happyyy
Snoozer The Croup Cottage Cheese

'Haha cool, thanks' with dj sportygalxD and dj never going to graduate

This program is not on the schedule.
Sunday 2-4pm