Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 9/20/17

Stacking the deck
On break til January 2018, old shows to stream here:

Artist Title Album New Local
Big Star O My Soul, alt Keep An Eye On The Sky
Group Doueh Zaya Koum Zayna Jumma
Chris Lucey/Bobby Jameson I got the Blues Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest
Ariel Pink Dreamdate Narcissist Dedicated to bobby Jameson
Mountain Movers Vision Television Mountain Movers
Reptile Ranch Saying Goodbye Reptile Ranch
Mordecai Staring at the Sun Abstract Recipe
Holy Modal Rounders Bound to Lose Holy Modal Rounders
The Daily Flash Jack of Diamonds Nuggets
2 of Cups Heart Girls with Guitars
Ace of Cups Circles It's Bad For You But Buy It!
Link Wray Ace of Spades Live at the Paradiso
Sonic's Rendezvous Band Hearts Sweet Nothing
Reagan Youth The Ace of Spades/CBGBs live 1984 The Complete Youth Anthems For The New Order
Rays Gambler Rays
Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair I met Roky Erikcson Jad Fair And Daniel Johnston
Kevin Morby 1234 City Music
Sonic Youth Ca Plane pour Moi Freedom of Choice
Writhing Squares Too Victory for Womankind Richie Records summer single
Mdou Moctar Amidini Sousoume Tamachek
Buffalo Springfield Sell Out Neil Young Archives vol. 1
Tery Allen Writing on Rocks across the USA Juarez
Kelley Stoltz For You Que Aura
The Flying Luttenbachers The Sun Is Bleeding Gods of Chaos
Tal Farlow Who Cares? Guitar Player
Kelly Harrell ‎ Rovin' Gambler The Complete Kelly Harrell

Sonic Rendezvous

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Old tunes and new noises from around the world.
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