Flaming Arrow on Tue 10/31/17

Artist Title Album New
Ventures Munsters theme song
Dead Cross Bela Lugosi's Dead
Rachel Sweet Voodoo
Sarah Vaughn Witchcraft
Willie Tyson Witching Hour
Tim Burton Sweet Transvestite
Alice Cooper Refrigerator Heaven
Plasmatics Concrete Shoes
Elvis Hitler Crush Your Skull
LA Witch Kill My Baby Tonight
The Who Boris the Spider
David Seville Witch Doctor
Alice Cooper Black widow
Butthole Surfers Graveyard
Mad Doctors Rats are coming
Satan's Pilgrims Haunted House of Rock
Black Angels Death March
Gazelle Twin I feel blood
Unknown The hearse song
Coven Easy Evil
Devil Electric Hypnotica
Hela The Gateway
Helios Creed Monster Lust
Devil Electric Hypnotica
Devil Electric Dove and the serpent
Motorhead Killed by Death
Ty Segall The Crawler
Rasputina Transylvanian Concubine
Reptaliens Satan's song
Rasputina Rats
So Many Wizards Just poison
Nina Simone Go to Hell
Misfits Skulls
Devil Woman Cliff Richards
Heavy Traffic Plastic Surgery
Tau Cross Raising Golem

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