Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 11/28/17

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Artist Title Album New Local
Ceremony Into The Wayside Part 1/Sick Rohnert Park
Muuy Biien White Ego D.Y.I.
Goggs Smoke the Wurm Goggs
Metz Spit You Out II
Congenital Death Squares Demo
NEG Shackles 2017 PROMO
Collick Gone S/T
Gay Kiss Conceit Rounded Down
Wax Idols Gold Sneakers No Future
Mannequin Pussy Sneaky GP
Ceremony Along Violence Violence
Code Orange The New Reality Forever
Show me the Body Death Sounds 2 Body War
The Garden Trust Life and Times of Paperclip
Neg Evolve II
Metz Cellophane Strange Peace
Audacity Power Drowner Power Drowning
Gland Beekeeper Neurotica
Guerilla Toss Multibeast TV Eraser Stargazer
Jay Reatard Death is Forming Blood Visions
Connoisseur Circle of Heads Stoner Justice
Swain Cancer Howl
Swain I Wake to See the World Go Wild Howl
Littler Sleeptalk Get A Life
SWMRS Drive North Drive North
Bass Drum of Death Get Found GB City
Death Valley Girls Arrow Street Venom
OBN III's No Time for the Blues Third Time to Harm
Impalers Secret Beach Cellar Dweller
Congenital Death This is what (American) Dreams are Made of FUCKLOVE: The Prophet of Death
Pig Destroyer Valley of the Geysers Book Burner
Code Orange Bleeding in the Blur Forever
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Homicidal We Kill Children
Choking Victim Suicide No Gods/No Managers
Show Me the Body K-9 k-9
Agathocles A For Arrogance Razor Sharpe Daggers
Brutal Truth I Killed My Family Kill Trees Suicide
Gutsack Pestilental Buildup of Necrotic Membrane Cleansed in Visceral wasre
Archagathus Perennial Loser Canadian Horse
Archagathus Brain? Dead Canadian Horse
Satyricon Bastard Nation Volcano
Death Symbolic Symbolic
Joel Grind Cross Damnation Yellowgoat Sessions
Motorhead Orgasmatron Orgasmatron
Oh Sees Animated Violence Orc
Dilly Dally Desire Sore
Ty Segall Meaning Meaning
Shitkid Likeagurl Fish
Alex G Track 03 Krime
Alex G Pretend
Alex G Track 07 Krime
NAH Woosh Light as Fuck
Franco Years Monster Island The Horror
P.H.F. Sometimes Soft

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