Flaming Arrow on Tue 12/5/17

Artist Title Album New
Five the Hierophant Queen over Phlegethon
yoko ono i want you to remember me
REM crush with eyeliner
yoko ono is this what we do
chastity manning hill
acid tongue why can't you just lie to me?
mdou moctar ilmouloud
sonic youth bubblegum
mdou moctar anar
tempre dimethyltriptamine
red spector before the sunrise
acid tongue acidental drug use
myrkur de tre piker
gaung summa injuria
myrkur gladiatrix
male gaze cliffs of madness
chastity chains
yoko ono soul got out of the box
cults good religion
marika hackman boyfreind
little scream your radio
cults talk in circles
echolot 1

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.