Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 12/5/17


Artist Title Album New
P.H.F. Drinking From the Fire House Puker
Bass Drum of Death Religous Girls GB City
Shitkid Likagurl Living Dummy
P.H.F. Don't Cry It's Part of Throwing Up Mall-o-caust
The Garden This Could Build Us a Home haha
Pram Loco The Stars Are so Big and the Earth is so Small
Monade La Salle Des Pas Perdus A Few Steps More
Helvetia Pumpkin Rose Nothing is Rambling
Stevie Dinner Mystery Flavor Mystery Flavor
Beekeepers Symptons Varroa Mites
Melt-Banana The Hive Fetch
P.H.F. No Makeup Void
Lightning Bolt Two Towers Wonderful
Thee Oh Sees Visit Colonel The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending the Night in
Micachu & The Shapes Glamour Never
Girl Talk I Want You Back Secret Diary
Jerry Paper Chameleon World Big Pop for Chameleon World
New Fries Uncle Carmin Cruise Ship Fresh Face Forward
Never Young Beta Male Erotica Soft Bank
Pizza Time Otro Perdedor Quiero Mas
The Monks Monk Time Black Monk
OCS Neighbor to None Memory of A Cut Off Head
P.H.F. Thru the Ranch Slider VOID
The Aquadolls Don't Mean Jack Stoked on You
Pardoner Hint Uncontrollable Salvation
Hanoi Janes The Boys are Out Year of Panic
Dead Ghosts When it Comes to You S/T
King Tuff Just Strut Was Dead

Double Hockey Sticks

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Thursday 2-4pm
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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in rock n roll. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.