Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 12/19/17


Artist Title Album Label New Local
$uicideboy$ I Will Celebrate For Stepping on Broken Glass and Slipping on Stomach Soaked Floors I No Longer Fear the Razor Gaurding My Heel G59
Len Stray Superstar
MGMT Little Dark Age Little Dark Age Single
The Safes Mediocre Jokers Tasty Waves
Palm Dog Milk Dog MIlk Single
The Absolute Sky Five Ruralia
Georgey V Friends Trying
Pet 10,000 Years Ten Thousand Years
Ed Schrader's Music Beat Sermon Jazz Mind
Surf Curse Chloe Kelly Buds
Slow Warm Death Kill You Slow Warm Death
Pile Prom Song Dripping
Teen Suicide Benzo Waste Yerself
Micachu & The Shapes Turn me Well Jewellery
Swain Half Asleep/Half Awake The Long Dark Blue
Ed Schrader's Music beat Televan Party Jail
Fuzz Loose Sutures Fuzz
Christian Death Figurative Theatre Only Theatre of Pain
line leader Drainer Wilt
Water Temple Someone Knows Try 2 // Someone Knows
Surface to Air Missive I Call Me Us A V
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Tetrachromacy Polygondwanaland
The Lemon Twigs Why Didn't You Say That? Brothers of Destruction
OCS The Fool Memory of A Cut off Head
PHF This is Why We Don't Hang Out Void
Cousin Brian Emoting Closer Dog
Shady Nasty White Knuckle GC/WK
Xenia Rubios Hair Receding Magic Tricks
The Safes Streets and Sanitation Tasty Waves

Double Hockey Sticks

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