Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 1/10/18

New music roundup/Technical difficulties

Artist Title Album New Local
Headroom The Second Blazing Star Head in the Clouds
Hy Maya Neurons Fire The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language
U-Men Gila U-Men
Miami Dolphins Miami Oh Yeah Water Your Waiting For
Ta' Manh Ruamchit Hroong jew's harp Bamboo on the Mountains: Kmhmu Highlanders
Moses Williams Come Back baby Drop on Down in Florida
Chik White Askasker Stranger Calls to Land
Lords of Thyme Hares on the Mountain The Future of Things Past
Sparrow Steeple Crank of Awnings Aardvark
20 Guilders I See Light 2
Meadow House Fleas This Should Not Be Happening
Alexander VIII Alexander
Dan Melchior Relics Road Not Driving
Melkbelly Twin Lookin Motherfucker Nothing Valley
Prettiest Eyes Don't Call Pools
Flat Worms Pearl Flat Worms
Burning Palms Take Me False Prophet
Tanda Tula Choir Sesi U Hi Komba Mihlolo Music and Songs from the Tanda Tula
The Futarians Power/Tiberia Distorted Living
Morricone Youth A Bundle of Reeds Sunrise, re-score
Colleen One Warm Spark A Flame My Love, A Frequency
Niko Karlsson Tulia Yon Takana Valosta Valoon
Duds Signal, Sign Of A Nature or Degree
Callowhill Effaced The Way Out

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