Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 2/20/18

Multiple Fatalities

Artist Title Album New Local
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Big Baby Savvy Show Stoppers
Ghoul Sewer Chewer Maniaxe
Impaled Medical Waste Death After LIfe
Gorerotted Hacked in the Back Dumped in a Sack Only Tools and Corpses
Iron Reagan I Predict the Death of Harold Camping Worse than Dead
Agathocles Use the Mincer Suppose it was you
Agathocles Burning Water / Lack of Personality Theatric Symbolisation of Life
Ghoul We Came for the Dead We Came for the Dead
Power Trip Divine Apprehension Split
Mammoth Grinder Servant of the Most High Cosmic Crypt
Toxic Holocaust Bitch Conjure and Command
Bolt Thrower What Dwells Within War Master
Ghoul Skull Beneath the Skin We Came for the Dead
Oppobrium/Incubus The Decieved Ones Beyond the Unkown
Necrot Scattered The Labyrinth
Blood Incantation Starspawn Starspawn
Cannabis Corpse Final Exhalation Left Hand Pass
Disincarnate Stench of Paradise Burning Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Pissgrave Fields of Scattered Bones Suicide Euphoria
Hatebeak Seeds of Destruction Number of the Beak
Akira Yamaoka and Sota Fujimori Venus Contra: Shattered Soldier OST
Municipal Waste Sadistic Magician The Art of Partying
Root Belzebub Hell Symphony
Succumb Coal Dark Earth Succumb
Venom Prison The Primal Chaos The Primal Chaos
Pyathrosis He Never DIes Guinea Pig
Impaled We Belong Dead Mondo Medicale
Skeletonwitch I am Death Serpent Temptation
Joel Grind Cross Damnation The Yellowgoat Sessions
Cannabis Corpse Lunatic of Pots Creation Beneath the Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Zig Zags The Sadist Running out of Red

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