Awkward Car Ride on Sun 2/25/18

Artist Title Album New Local
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow No More Shall We Part
Neu! Hero Neu! 75
The Ex Knock Too Many Cowboys
The Feelies The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness Crazy Rhythms
The Fall Fantastic Life Room To Live
The Flying Luttenbachers Floatation Method Gods Of Chaos
Lightning Bolt The Metal East Fantasy Empire
Karp Get No Toys (When You Pay The Money) Suplex
Naked City Saigon Pickup Naked City
Joy Division Ceremony Heart And Soul
The Smiths Panic Louder Than Bombs
The Modern Lovers Astral Plane The Modern Lovers
Brak Institutionized Dr. Demento Covered In Punk
Atom and His Package Punk Rock Academy A Society of People Named Elihu
King Missile Detachable Penis Happy Hour
Butthole Surfers Moving To Florida Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Big Black Racer X Racer X
Angry Samoans Lights Out Back From Samoa
Black Flag Wasted Everything Went Black
Lard Pineapple Face The Last Temptation Of Reid
Revolting Cocks Let's Get Physical (Banned Original Mix) Trax! Box Set
Ministry You Know What You Are The Land Of Rape And Honey
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult A Daisy Chain For Satan Confessions Of A Knife
Suicide Ghost Rider First Album
Faith No More Let's Lynch The Landlord Man Virus 100 comp lp

Awkward Car Ride

Charles III
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Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
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It's like being stuck in a car on the first date for 3 hours. The conversation isn't going great. Everything in the universe is slowly spiraling out of control. You're staring out the passenger side window. I have nothing to say as clearly as I can think it. Silence. The music tells you more about me than I ever will. And not all of its good.