Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 2/27/18

"Do you listen to Palm?"

Artist Title Album New Local
Buke and Gase Hiccup General Dome
Deerhoof I Will Spite Survive Mountain Moves
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Slipped Disc Mambo Nassau
Palm Color Code Rock Island
Nekropsi Harf Devrimi Nekropsi 1998
Micachu & the Shapes Easy Never
Petite League Sun Dogs Rips One into the Night
Omni Choke Multi-Task
Genesis Behind the Lines Duke
Palm Pearly Rock Island
Made in Mexico Farewell Myth Zodiac Zoo
Arab on Radio Attack on Tijuana Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day at the Orifice
The White Mice Passsthefissst Ganjahovahdose
line leader Drainer Wilt
B Boys Energy Dada
P.H.F. Thru the Ranch Slider Void
Joy Again Kim Kim Single
Wavves Rainbow Everywhere Wavvves
Cowgirl Clue Chewed Up Limelite
TV Girl Taking Whats not you Who Really Cares
Black Moth Super Rainbow Mr. No One Mr. No One SIngle
Puzzle What She Might Say Laying in the Sand
Homeboy Advance This is How We Chill Classic TV
Souls of Mishceif 93' Til Infinity
$uicideboy$ I will celebrate for stepping on broken glass I no longer fear the razor guarding my heel
FFX Why Would I? Why Would I? Single
The Garden All smiles over here haha
Inner Wave Diamond Eyes Sun Transmission
Stevie Dinner The Incantation Mystery Flavor
Stevie Dinner The Incantation Mystery Flavor
Homeboy Advance Ode to Neverland Classic TV
Homeboy Advance Lala Classic TV

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