Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 3/7/18

Artist Title Album New
Pharoah Sanders The Creator Has a Master Plan Karma
Sunwatchers Nose Beers II
Raoul Bjorkenheim/eCsTaSy Ides of March Doors of Perception
The Futurians Psilicon March/Slime Distorted Living
Michael Yonkers Band Boy in the Sandbox Microminiature Love
Randy Alvey & Green Fuz Green Fuz Pebbles vol.2
Gunn-Truscinski Duo Gunter Bay Head
Mdou Moctar Illmouloud Sousoume Tamachek
Sonny Sharrock Blind Willy Black Woman
Willie Lane Sleepy Hands Sleepy Hands/Arrested for Decay
Imarhan Tarha Nam Temet
Chik White Gull Shit Mountain part 2 Stranger Calls to Land
Mircea Florian La Fagadau de Piatra Padure de Voie Buna
Hy Maya Dance of the Electromagnetic ZZZ The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language

Sonic Rendezvous

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Old tunes and new noises from around the world.
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