Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 3/14/18

Taragot jazz is real

Artist Title Album New Local
Nana mint Nana, Soudeh mint Nana, Sidibou ould Siyed Vagho II, Kenoune Nouakchott Wedding Songs
I tre Antonio della Basilicata Tarantella Popolare Reeds
Lightning Bolt Oblivion Balloon Oblivion Hunter
The Wild Mans Band The Stalking Horse Three Rocks And A Pine
Don Cherry Love Train Eternal Now
Dumitru Farcas Sambra Oilor din Maramures Virtuoso Of The Taragot And The Oboe
Meadow House Cutting This Should Not be Happening
Alvarius B Yeah Well, Oyster Shells If You Don't Like it..Don't!
Dan Melchior Cold Town Road Not Driving
Mark Feehan Stoned Pilot B MF
Alexander II Alexander
Mrs. Edd Presnell Sally Goodin Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachians
Sunwatchers The Works II
Psychic Ills Incense Head Hazed Dream
Honey Radar Caterpillar Blank Cartoon
Headroom The Second Blazing Star Head in the Clouds
Black Flag The Pups are Doggin' it Family Man
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band ‎ Dirty Blue Gene Doc At The Radar Station
Writhing Squares Too Victory for Womankind summer single series 2017
Bismillah Khan Raag Gurji Ustad Bismillah Khan
Bruce Palmer Alpha-Omega-Apocalypse The Cycle is Complete

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