Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/20/18


Artist Title Album New Local
Ty Segall Go Home Ty Segall
Coachwhips Look Into My Eyes When I Come Hands on the Controls
ORB Mother Brain Naturality
Thee Oh Sees The Freak Was Clean Singles Collection vol 1&2
Jay Reatard My Shadow Blood Visions
School Disco Greenman Greenman
P.H.F. Wasteoid PUKER
P.H.F. Drinking From the Fire Hose PUKER
Mankind Yet not a Mote of Dust is Stirred Blood, Sugar
Brutal Pueblo Aura Shave Hundred Visions
Arab on Radar St. Patrick's Gay Parade Queen Hygiene II
Chrisitan Death Mysterium Inquitatis Only Theatre of Pain
Ty Segall Alone Melted
Omni Eyes on the Floor Deluxe
Palm Dime/Drift/Communication/Small Mouth Ostrich Vacation
Palm Color Code Rock Island
Spirit of the Beehive Pleasure Suck I Pleasure Suck
Old Maybe Dianetics Piggity Pink
Melkbelly Mount Kool Kid Mount Kool Kid Single
New Fries JZ III More
Ty Segall Band The Bag I'm in Slaughterhouse
line leader drainer WILT
line leader premonition WILT
JEFF the Brotherhood Melting Place Wasted on the Dream
Shady Nasty Citizen's Arrest Shady Nasty EP
The Garden Trust Life & Times of Paperclip
Girl Band Paul Holding hands w Jamie
Damaged Bug Slay the Preist Bunker Funk
Blasted Canyons Lasers vs. Lizards Blasted Canyons
Franco Years Monster Island The Horror
Beekeepers Game Over Varroa Mites
Nah Drifting Months Light as Fuck
Palm Crank Trading Basics

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