Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/27/18


Artist Title Album New Local
Frankie Boyles Seward Pack Slow Return
Palm Swimmer Rock Island
Hieroglyphics Powers that Be Full Circle
Czarface/MF Doom Closer Talker Czarface Meets Metal Face
Czarface/MF Doom Forever People Czarface Meets Metal Face
Ill Bill Pentagram Ghoul/Ill Bill
Ghoul Splaterthrash 2 Ghoul/Ill Bill
Cop Grinder Net Gain Demo
Impalers Variety Cellar Dweller
Impalers Technology Cellar Dweller
Public Enemy/Anthrax Bring the Noise Bring the Noise Single
Show me the Body Talk Talk single
Cop Grinder Infinite Threat Demo
NEG MOAB Shackles
Zig Zags Lizard Music Running out of Red
S.H.I.T. Incidiation/Incorperation i
Rixe Tenter la Diable Bapteme Du Feu
Demolition Hammer Skull Fracturing Nightmare Epidemic of Violence
Pissgrave Impaled Viabration Suicide Euphoria
Pyrrhon The Happy Victim's Creed What Passes for Surival
Dead Cross Shillelagh Dead Cross
Congenital Death Alyosha the Pot Fucklove: The Prophet of Death
Code Orange Kids Give Cycles
Ty Segall Meaning Freedom's Goblin
NEG Evolve II
Dod Mark Paranoid schizoren Drabbad av sjukom
The Garden Stallion Stallion Single
Ceremony Open Head Rohnert Park Ep
Pure Hell Noise Addiction Noise Addiction
GWAR The Salaminizer Scumdogs of the Universe
Frightmare Intro Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Frightmare Angela Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Agothocles A for Arrogance Razor Sharp Daggers
Oppobrium The Deceived Ones Beyond the Unknown
Ghoul Rot Gut We Came for the Dead!!!
Cryptopsy Slit Your Guts None so Vile
Morbid Angel Immortal Rites Altars of Madness
Succumb Bedchamber Succumb

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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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