Flaming Arrow on Tue 5/1/18

Artist Title Album New Local
billy thorpe children of the sun
c duncan garden
jade warrior sun child
sunshine day the brady bunch
c duncan architect
ty segull my sunshine
Raoul Bjorkenheim/eCsTaSy sunflower
church of the cosmic skull watch it grow
the garden stallion
suuns daydream
the garden no destination
suuns peace and love
mr rogers beautiful day in the neighborhood
sounds of ceres mercury's moods
mr rogers garden of your mind
sounds of ceres solar mirror 9
son lux daydream
Unknown Mortal Orchestra hunny bee
weedpecker lazyboy and the temple of wonders
jade warrior dance of the sun
Mind Over Mirrors halfway to the zenith
Quiet Hounds living things
Mind Over Mirrors talking knots
weedpecker sweetleaf
palm happen
pandoras you burn me up and down
nihilist cheerleader you love proximity
fight fuck or dance just for you
Nihilist Cheerleader she takes it
towanda pain now pain later
viletones never feel sad
viletones screaming fist

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.