Post-This Post-That Radio on Wed 5/2/18

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Mdou Moctar Anar Sousoume Tamachek Sahel Sounds
Renderers carnival of souls The Surface of Jupiter Ajax
Rosali Trouble anyway
Small Faces My Mind's eye Early Faces
The Feelies Sliipping (into something) The Good Earth Coyote
Go-Betweens Two Steps Step Out before Hollywood
Snapper Buddy EP Flying Nun
Lithics Mating Surfaces
Shop Assistants All that ever mattered Comp: Raging Slab
Dream Syndicate Days of Wine and Roses
Scars Adultery 7" Fast
Olden Yolk Cut to the quick Olden Yolk Trouble In Mind Records
Rain Parade You are my friend Explosions in the glass palace
Rain Parade Prisoners Explosions in the glass palace
Bardo Pond Kalash Volum 8 Fire
Swimming In Bengal Apricot Haze Garden of Idle Hands Baggage Claim
Micah Blue Smaldone swamp of the swan Hither and Thither Tequila Sunrise
Telescopes Flying EP Creation
Young Marble Giants N.I.T.A.
Raincoats Fairytale in the supermarket
Robyn Hitchcock Madonna of the wasps Queen Elvis
The Only Ones The Beast Special View
Rainy Day On the way home Rainy Day
Opal Supernova Happy Nightmare Baby SST
Imarhan Ehad ma dwagh Temet City Slang
Public Image Ltd Careering Second edition
I Think Like Midnight River Wards This Land Is Your Mind
Hot Snakes jericho Siren Jericho Sirens Sub Pop

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