Awkward Car Ride on Sun 5/6/18

Summertime Rock N' Roll with some Surf or mostly Surf!?! Let's Surf. Call me. Let's be friends.

Artist Title Album Local
Man or Astro man? Nitrous Burnout Live Transmissions From Uranus
Pussy Galore Sweet Little Hi-Fi Dial 'M' for Motherfucker
Satan's Pilgrims Super Shock Satan's Pilgrims
The Delta 72 Floorboard Shake The Soul Of A New Machine
Hawaii Samurai Surf N' Destroy Let There Be Surf
Shonen Knife Baranacle fun! fun! fun!
The Space Cossacks Solaris Stomp Nevermind the Bolsheviks
The Aqua Velvets Surf Nouveau Nomad
Pollo Del Mar A Flash of Green The Golden State
Insect Surfers 77 Gaza Strip Death Valley Coastline
The Crimson Ghosts Last Caress Some Kinda Hits
The Primitive Finks Spookini Horror Party Stomp
Le Yikes Surf Club Telepathic Dreams Apocalypsos
The Bomboras Project Zero Head Shrinkin' Fun
Daikaiju Escape From Nebula M Spacehunter Phase 2
Guitar Wolf Run Wolf Run Run Wolf Run
Laika & the Cosmonauts Look! No head! Cosmopolis (88-08)
Captain Beefheart Crazy Little Thing Clear Spot
Zen Guerrilla Saucerships To Ragtime Positronic Raygun
Louie Louie I Wanna Dance With You Friend of a Stranger
Shannon and The Clams Ozma Dreams in the Rat House
Surflamingo EntrepeƱas Bay Terror EntrepeƱas Bay Terror
The Phantom Surfers Horror Beach 18 Deadly Ones!!!
The Pandoras That's Your Way Out Stop Pretending
The Mummies Stronger Than Dirt Never Been Caught
The Almighty Defenders Bow Down and Die The Almighty Defenders
Oblivians Call the Police Desperation
Compulsive Gamblers Stop & Think It Over Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing
Thee Headcoats Davy Crockett Archive From 1959 The Billy Childish Story
Demolition Doll Rods Get It On On
Agent Orange Bloodstains (Original Version) Living In Darkness

Awkward Car Ride

Charles III
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Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
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It's like being stuck in a car on the first date for 3 hours. The conversation isn't going great. Everything in the universe is slowly spiraling out of control. You're staring out the passenger side window. I have nothing to say as clearly as I can think it. Silence. The music tells you more about me than I ever will. And not all of its good.