Flaming Arrow on Tue 5/8/18

Artist Title Album New Local
male gaze ALL YOURS
The Garden stallion
Male Gaze african ripoff
hurry out on the streets
gibbous moon track 3
f.o.r.o. lichtspiel colors of sound
orb track 4
f.o.r.o. der fall des ikarus
john peel the future is not as good as it used to be
myrkur the serpent
gaung hole of paradiso
cfm message from the mirror
A Place to Bury Strangers never coming back
spacelords metamorphosis
lux i am a martian
lux liquid and fire
ravi shankar raga for evening
mind over mirrors a palinopsic wind
Mind Over Mirrors zietgebers
morgan delt make my gray brain green
Mind Over Mirrors pause to wonder
towanda pain now pain later
heavy temple in the court of the bastard king
the garden voodoo luck
Nihilist Cheerleader 3 drug cocktail
the garden banana peel
zeke hellbender
zeke county jail
Nihilist Cheerleader she takes it

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