Hole in the Great Wall on Sun 6/3/18


Artist Title Album Label
萬能青年旅店 揪心的玩笑與漫長的白日夢 (A Heart Wrenching Joke and a Long Daydream) 萬能青年旅店 (Omnipotent Youth Society) Omnipotent Youth Society
Li Zhi 梵高先生 梵高先生 Nanjing Ziyouluoti Culture Development Co
Frande 我只是你的愛人 為什麼像個愛情故事,明明我看的是偵探小說。 Fusion Bomb
Dear Eloise Alice The Words That Were Burnt Maybe Mars
New Pants 總有一天我會欺騙你 Sex Drugs Internet Modern Sky
The Bigger Bang 上海愛人 摩登天空6 Modern Sky
The Gar Sea Birds 嘎调 Maybe Mars
甜梅號 1 vs 99 金光之鄉 A Good Day Records
晨曦光廊 光合作用 60km/h Self-released
Cold Fairyland Shadow Play Seeds on the Ground Self-released
張楚 廁所和床 孤獨的人是可恥的 1994 Rock Records
8 Eye Spy Conditioning How Damn Far to Yinma Lane? Maybe Mars
Cui Jian 假行僧 (Fake Monk) 新长征路上的摇滚 (Rock 'N' Roll On the New Long March) Dong Xi Music
punkhoo 反轉未來 反轉未來 HereThere Studio
Gum Bleed Economy's Fake Anyway City of the Heroes Self-released

Hole in the Great Wall

This program is not on the schedule.
Sunday 3-4pm
Music by artists from China and Taiwan