Double Hockey Sticks on Thu 7/5/18


Artist Title Album New Local
Megadeth Bad Omen Peace Sells
LOUDNESS Let it Go Lighting Strikes
The Discocks We Are Proud Punks Long Live Oi!
RIP Escoria No Te Muevas y Zona Especial Norte
Fuck on the Beach I Have Never Seen Myself I Have Never Seen Myself
Cop Grinder Infinite Threat Demo
HIRS Collective Assigned Cop at Birth Friends. Lovers. Favorites.
HIRS Collective Outnumbered Friends. Lovers. Favorites.
Congenital Death The Deep Silence Fucklove: Prophet of Death
Nuclear Tourism PJ Mart Wicked Awesome
Black Flag I Can See You In My Head
? and the Mysterians 96 Tears 96 Tears
Muuy Biien White Ego D.Y.I.
Wavves (ft. Fucked Up) Destroy Life Sux
Swain Don't Let Them Howl
Code Orange (ft. Corey Taylor) The Hunt The Hurt Will Go On
Impalers Nuclear Cabaret Cellar Dweller
Warmaster Bastard Horde Blood Dawn
Morgoth Exit to Temptation Cursed
Pestilence Reduced to Ashes Consuming Impulse
Pig Destroyer Thought Crime Spree Phantom Limb
N.E.G. MOAB Shackles
Pure Hell Wild One Noise Addiction
Amyl & The Sniffers I'm not A Loser Big Attraction
The Chats Nambored Get this in Ya
S.H.I.T. Nobody Knows Anybody Collective Unconciousness
Iron Reagan Tyranny of Will Tyranny of Will
Cannabis Corpse Lunatic of Pot's Creation Beneath the Grow Lights thou Shalt Rise
Oppobrium Freezing Torment Beyond the Unknown
Dialer Palpitation Demo
Napalm Death If the Truth be Known Harmony Corruption
Cannabis Corpse Weedless Ones From Wisdom to Baked
Agothocles A is for Arrogance Razor Sharpe Daggers
Oppobrium Massacre of the Unborn Beyond the Unkown
Clit Kat Nice Club Clit Kat World Wide
Frightmare Angela Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Mortician Chainsaw Dismemberment Chainsaw Dismemberment
Thee Oh Sees C Smote Reverse

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