Awkward Car Ride on Sun 7/22/18

Artist Title Album New Local
Dinosaur Jr. No Bones Bug
Car Seat Headrest Beach Life-In-Death Twin Fantasy
Surf Rock Is Dead We Have No Friends? We Have No Friends?
La Femme Sur la planche 2013 Psycho Tropical Berlin
Pollo Del Mar A Flash of Green The Golden State
Man Or Astro-Man? Philip K. Dick In The Pet Section Of A Wal-Mart Astro Launch
The Delta 72 Are You Ready? Ooo
Nation of Ulysses 50,000 Watts of Goodwill Plays Pretty for Baby
Bouncing Souls Quick Check Girl Manical Laughter
Lifetime Cut The Tension Jersey's Best Dancers
Dag Nasty Circles Dag With Shawn
Minor Threat Salad Days Complete Discography
Beach Rats Lonely For The Night Wasted Time
The Beach Rats Surf and Punk Rock Albino Clam Boner
Hawaii Samurai Surf N' Destroy Let There Be Surf
The Neptunes Summer's Almost Gone Hydrophobia
Naked Raygun Surf Combat Throb Throb
Dead Milkmen Beach Song Big Lizard In My Backyard
Kid Dynamite Scarysmurf Kid Dynamite
Youth Avoiders On The Run Relentless
Bad Brains How Low Can A Punk Get? Black Dots
Jello Biafra & The Melvins Those Dumb Punk Kids Will Buy Anything Sieg Howdy!
Flag of Democracy Punk Til I Die F.O.D. World
Jeffery Lewis Punk Is Dead 12 Crass Songs
Shilpa Ray EMT Police and the Fire Department Door Girl

Awkward Car Ride

Charles III
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Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Friday 11am-2pm
It's like being stuck in a car on the first date for 3 hours. The conversation isn't going great. Everything in the universe is slowly spiraling out of control. You're staring out the passenger side window. I have nothing to say as clearly as I can think it. Silence. The music tells you more about me than I ever will. And not all of its good.