Double Hockey Sticks on Thu 7/26/18


Artist Title Album New Local
Megadeth Five Magics Rust In Piece
Nekropsi Harf Devrimi 1998 Nekropsi 1998
Secret Chiefs 3 Vajra Book M
Sleep Aquarian Sleep's Holy Mountain
Elephant Tree Dawn Elephant Tree
Selda Bagcan Maden Dagi Turkulermiz 3
Necrot The Blade Blood Offering
Oppobrium Beyond the Unknown Beyond the Unknown
Cannabis Corpse Blaze of Torment Beneath the Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Cannibal Corpse Meathook Sodomy Butchered at Birth
Insect Warfare Repulsed by Radiation Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution
Mob Terror People Superstimulus
Mob Terror Flushed Superstimulus
Morbid Saint Lock Up Your Children
Scorched Exhibits of Torture Exhibits of Torture Single
S.H.I.T. Insidious/Incorporation i
Fleshy Polyp Four Tracks Weird Reeking Corpse
Haggus Heavy Metal Mince Maniac Masked Mincer EP
Fiend Suffer in Silence Derailed EP
Mortician Brutalized Chainsaw Dismemberment
Morgoth Sold Baptism Cursed
Gorerotted Only Tools and Corpses Only Tools and Corpses
Suffication Mass Obliteration Effigy of the Forgotten
Morbid Angel Maze of Torment Altars of Madness
Hash Grinder Tomatoe Massacre S/T
Impaled Raise the Stakes Mondo Medicale
Cryptopsy Defenstration Blasphemy Made Flesh
Brutal Truth Dementia Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
Death Suicide Machine Death Live in LA
Ty Segall & White Fence Do Your Hair Joy

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