Awkward Car Ride on Sun 8/12/18

Artist Title Album Local
Car Seat Headrest Beach Life-In-Death Twin Fantasy
The Growlers Beach Rats Hung at Heart
Shannon and The Clams Ozma Dreamer In The Rathouse
Daddy Issues Sex on the Beach Double Loser EP
Louie Louie What A Man Can Do Friend Of A Stranger
Blowdryer My Own Deprogrammed EP
Bombón Dance Just Like Annette A Date with Bombón
Shonen Knife Baranacle Fun! Fun! Fun!
Hawaii Samurai Surf N' Destroy Let There Be Surf
Sadgirl Breakfast For 2 Breakfast For 2 EP
Hunx and His Punx Keep Away From Johnny Too Young To Be In Love
Oblivians Call The Police Desperation
Shilpa Ray EMT Police And The Fire Department Door Girl
The Delta 72 On the Lam The R&B Of Membership
Man Or Astro Man? Surf Terror What Remains Inside A Black Hole
Sloppy Seconds The Horror of Party Beach Destroyed
Dry Feet Angry Surfs Philadelphia Beach
Tough Age Surf Music Dream of Life Think of Death
Daikaiju Escape From Nebula M Spacehunter Phase 2
Tijuana Panthers Summer Fun Max Baker
Japanese Motors Single Fins & Safety Pins Japanese Motors
Surf Punks My Beach Surf Punks
Laika & the Cosmonauts Look! No head! Cosmopolis 1988-2008
The Crimson Ghosts Fastro Zombies Some Kinds Hits
The Pandoras That's Your Way Out Stop Pretending
Compulsive Gamblers Stop & Think It Over Crystal Gazing Luck Amulet
The Low Budgets Born Before The Internet Go For Broke
Dead Milkmen Dean's Dream Big Lizard In My Backyard
Showcase Showdown Let's Go To Jail Permanent Stains
Feeling Lucky Punk?

Awkward Car Ride

Charles III
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Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Friday 11am-2pm
It's like being stuck in a car on the first date for 3 hours. The conversation isn't going great. Everything in the universe is slowly spiraling out of control. You're staring out the passenger side window. I have nothing to say as clearly as I can think it. Silence. The music tells you more about me than I ever will. And not all of its good.