Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 8/15/18

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Troupe Majidi Essinyia Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna Sublime Frequencies
Nass El Ghiwane Sobhane Allah Nass El Ghiwane Plein Soleil
Timpuri Noi Adeline Basca Ambundentei Mediapro
Purling Hiss Almost Washed My Hair Live at WKDU 2011 live in studio
Mosquitoes Stone Drip Water Hollow Out Stone ever/never
Niko Karlsson Tulia Yon Takana Valosta Valoon Feeding Tube
Cheikha Hadda Ouakki Ha Howa Ha Howa Kassidat Dust to Digital
Shocking Blue Love Buzz At Home Red Bullet
Kohoutek Lossless/excerpt Lossless Loss Prophase
Dan Melchior Another Oil Spill Road Not Driving ever/never
Bardo Pond Destroying Angel Ticket Crystals ATP
Espers Travel Mountain Espers Locust Music
Lords of Thyme Moment to Moment The Future of Things Past Shagrat/Feeding Tube
Alexander I Alexander self
Daniel Bachman Song for the Setting Sun River Three Lobed
Mary Lattimore Their faces streaked with light and filled with pity Hundreds of Days Ghostly International i
Yuzo Iwata Daylight Moon II Daylight Moon Siltbreeze
Brother Ah Enthusiasm Move Ever Onward Divine
John Coltrane Slow Blues The Lost Album Impulse

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